March 2002

This time we have a lot of luggage, including tools and blankets, so we fly to Nantes and take a hire-car from there. We will return there in a few days to pick up some long-time friends who will be our first real visitors.



All is very chill and quiet when we finally arrive in Guémené.



Madame’s garden next door seems to have been looked after and there appears to be someone living there now.





….the back lane with high stone walls on our right and on our left overlooking back gardens where fat leeks grew.  It might be possible to make a car access here….



and the narrow back window could be converted to french doors…….





 once Stef had knocked out the stone wall!







It appeared that there were two fireplaces, a later one built inside the huge ancient hearth.



The pile of stones in the courtyard grew steadily as Bill went back and forth with the wheelbarrow.





The “holiday” in Guémené was so stimulating that before it was time to leave, our friends had already begun negotiations to buy a cottage themselves, just down the hill.


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