March 2004

Mid February we left Australia for a couple of weeks on the boat, now at the Lee Valley Boat Centre, before flying to Paris and picking up a hire car to drive to Guémené.

In London we were delighted to have a reasonable fall of snow which was accompanied by ice on the canal at Little Venice for the first time in many years.




In Guémené they had had 5 inches of snow but the garden was looking lush and well-kept, thanks to the care of les bons voisins the previous autumn.




….but winter wasn’t over yet and snow fell yet again the following week…..







but it was soon warm enough for me to start planning some paintings.




Spring arrived and we were able to finish off the terrace, and then to spend long evenings watching the sunsets,



with a glass of wine or two….








 even to finally take some time off to visit the Dordogne region further south, where the architecture is entirely different,





but it’s hard to beat the stone and slate-roofed houses of Brittany.

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